My Editor, I Thank Thee

I’ve never really had an editor.

I mean, I’ve had those douchebags in grad school that “edited” (i.e. told me they just didn’t like it) my thesis and all that followed.  I’ve had academic articles edited for publishing. I’ve gotten “feedback” on virtually every professional thing I’ve ever done, all of which adds up to “you’re just not good enough.”  (by the way, fuck all of them).

However, this year, I’m looking to write like a demon to get through my first novel.  It’s going to be about a butt fungus that takes over a sorority causing them all to get on each other over and over.  Wait, no.  No, I think that was a “movie” I saw last night on the internet.  Disregard that.

But I am looking to get the book done and so I need an editor.  Well it turns out one of my best friends for years and years has taken on the duties of editor and has done so with a vengeance.  And she’s doing a great job.

I had tried to get no less than three different people to do editing for me with varying results.  Some started out well, but then ended up just not having time, which I understand, but then I always think, “Didn’t you expect that?”  Oh well.  Others just suck at editing, missing glaring really bad spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and just having generally bad advice overall.  If you can’t trust someone for the basics, you can’t trust them for the big things that really make a book good.

But, pandering for something somehow, I hit up my friend who is really into books and is a little fashionista.  We have a secret marriage pact, but that is beside the point.  The bigger thing is that we have a lot in common when it comes to our tastes and our sensibilities, so I trust her views completely.  Whereas when one of the other editors made a suggestion about this or that, I’d think, “What the fuck is wrong with you?  Have you even read a book?”  With my new full time editor, her suggestions make me think,”Oh yeah, you’re totally right. That’s so much better.”

If you liked either of the current flash-fictions so far, you’ve got her to thank for it (well, right after me, I guess).  If you thought they sucked, you can thank her for them not sucking even worse.

My new editor is also pretty johnny on the spot with all the editing.  “Hey, I’ve got some pages I need you to edit, get them back to me asap.”  “Okay.”  A few days or a week later, they’re back with a vengeance, full of edits.   Two days ago, I gave her a hard time in fun for not being fast enough, and she had some pages back to me by the time I got home.  Impressive.  Most impressive.

All I can say is that this development is really cool in my own personal growth as a writer and it invigorates me to write even more.    Here’s to my editor.

***Jeesh.  I hate sounding all uplifting and what not.



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3 responses to “My Editor, I Thank Thee

  1. You can’t see me? but I’m grinning from ear to ear on your behalf. I know. 🙂

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