My Hair-Brained Marketing Idea

Gummy Bear Caught in a Gummy Bear Trap

A poor gummy bear that fell for my scam.

So, as I’ve explained on here a billion times, I’m writing a novel.   It’s the first novel I’ve ever written. And that means one thing: “I have no clue what the hell I’m doing.”

I’m okay with being clueless. I have no real dreams to be a best-selling author.  I’m totally willing to fall on my face over and over again before figuring the world out.  No biggie.

I’m cranking right along with the novel currently, and, while having my editor read parts, I’ve also been reading about the business of writing: the agents, the editors, the publishers, self-publishing, screen-adaptation, etc.   It’s a whole lotta info to chug down, but I’m wading my way through it.

I suspect that very likely, I’ll end up self-publishing this novel.  I just don’t know anyone in the business and have never had any training other than some college lit classes, so what do I know really.  My guess is that I’ll shop it around to a bunch of agents and publishers, get a bunch of “Great work, but we’re not pursuing this type of work at this time” letters, and then, I’ll say, “Scew it!” and go ahead and self-publish it. I’m almost certain that’s how it will; so certain that I’ve even come up with a preliminary marketing idea.

I know this idea has been tried a zillion times before and I’d love to get feedback on whether it’s worked or not for others and how well it’s worked if it has.

My idea is this: once the book is finished, release 1/2 to 2/3rd’s of the book free online, making the rest purchasable by order or download.  The idea is you give them a chance to get into the story and decide whether its good enough to spend the money on.  If they say no, no biggie; at least they got a taste.  If they say yes, they’ve got to pony up a few bucks to find out how it all ends.  Perhaps this strategy is attractive as it gives people something to read (as though there isn’t enough free shit to read online) and then tweaks their proverbial nipple if they dare to read all the way to the end of the free portion, driving them insane if they don’t find out what happened.  It’s not a big dream, no.   But it’s my dream.

So, I’d like to know if anyone has tried this before. I’m certain I’ve seen others do similar things, though usually releasing less of the book, like only a chapter or so. What’s been your experience with this type of thing?  All comments are greatly welcome.


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  1. I have one friend who self published his book and it’s on … lol Oh man, I still haven’t read it. Way to go! But I can ask him what he did. I think he just advertised it on his blog site or something, it was a while ago. My other friend did pictures and poetry … not sure if it was self published but I can ask the two of them.

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