My Stories (Don’t Hate)


Crossing Off the List“Oh I know you ain’t here for some money.”  Shar’ron stood frozen with the door ajar, her arm gripping a bag of groceries to her chest as she looked directly into the eyes of her big brother. A story about making real choices about bad things.


Animals On DisplayA story about a zoo, two children, and a street preacher.  This was written as part of a contest in which pieces  had to contain the words “Zoo, Bully, Heretic, Milkshake.”

English: A Knight in a re-enactment of the Bat...

The Battle:  A look inside the mind of a knight and his understanding of the end of a battle.  The first real story I ever wrote.



English: Street Preacher A Christian street pr...

The Accomplishment:  Another flash-fiction story for a contest.  This one could only be three sentences.  I thought it was pretty amateur.  I left a lot of unanswered details present so the reader could superimpose whatever other plot they wanted on it.


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