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Riddle me this, you writer.

I do this on my home blog.  So here it is right here too. The questions here, however, will all be about writing in some way.  Check out this week’s question of the week and please comment if you’d like.


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The Fear of Sucking (Not a Sex Thing….this time)

One more time: I’m writing a novel.  It’s going.  I don’t know how to rate the process because it’s my first time.  What do I know?  But just know, it’s going.

One of the things that I hear too often from artists of any stripe is this REALLY STUPID phrase:

I don’t artistic enterprise being engaged in for anyone but myself.

That sort of may or may not be true. (Not true not true!)  Regardless of what IS true, I don’t think that statement makes one lick of fracking sense.

Here’s why: Continue reading


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No Blacks, and No White On Black: Not a Race Thing

If you are a blogger of any breadth and have been doing so for more than a month, you should already know this.  I feel annoyed that I have to write this.  I’m trying to read other people’s writing on their blogs about writing and I don’t know why they haven’t figured this out:


And I mean never.  It hurts the eyes and is obnoxious to read.  Typically, you should always have darker text than the background it’s on. Lighter text on a darker background usually means you should be kicked in the junk.

In general, you should also shy away from dark backgrounds unless balanced with enough white space.

There, I’ve said it.  Now go fix your shit.

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My Hair-Brained Marketing Idea

Gummy Bear Caught in a Gummy Bear Trap

A poor gummy bear that fell for my scam.

So, as I’ve explained on here a billion times, I’m writing a novel.   It’s the first novel I’ve ever written. And that means one thing: “I have no clue what the hell I’m doing.”

I’m okay with being clueless. I have no real dreams to be a best-selling author.  I’m totally willing to fall on my face over and over again before figuring the world out.  No biggie. Continue reading

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Crisis and the Writer or “Why’s Life Keep Messin’ Wit Me?”

All writers start out with two things.

  1. A good idea for a story
  2. Good intentions

The rest really is up to each individual writer.  And the “rest” is a big BIG deal. Continue reading

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