Your Optimal Writing Space

What is your optimal writing space like? (i.e., the place where you sit down and do your best writing). What makes it so good (or bad)?

Comment below, oh very much please please please.


4 responses to “Your Optimal Writing Space

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  2. I’m in the right spot to respond? Anyway… I have a computer in my room, desktop, my music from all sides and that’s perfect for me. Too much silence stifles my mind. It’s really where I’ve always been for years (w/my network and things) so it’s a comfort zone really. Music is really the most important ingredient for me. That and things I read and review to trigger what I want to write about so for me it’s a combination of having something trigger what I want to write by reading other things which prompts my thoughts on the matter.

    If I use my lap top I’m usually in the living room which makes me too comfortable (damned comfy couch 🙂 ) and I don’t get much done, plus the TV is in there and can be a distraction and there’s no music. I can put TV music on but then I’m more inclined to watch the videos.

    • You know, research suggests that the younger generation is becoming used to multitasking in a way that older generations haven’t. They don’t understand, “do you watch tv or surf the internet.?” They watch tv while surfing the internet while texting while chatting online while playing a video game. And they do all of them relatively well.

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